Balloon Animal Adventures

'Live' Animal Shows with a Twist

Balloon Animal Adventures is an exciting new Live Animal Show

What happens when the nation’s top balloon artist gets together with a nationally known educator and entertainer? You get Balloon Animal Adventures!

Balloon Animal Adventures is an animal education show in the spirit of Jack Hanna, Steve Irwin, and the Kratt Brothers. Our Adventurers take you on a journey of discovery to learn about some of the most interesting animals in the world. The difference between our show and theirs is that our animals are made of balloons!  Throughout the show, our Adventurers believe the animals are real, making this show as silly and fun as it is educational.

"You did such a great job with our kids! You had the energy to keep their attention, plus you came up with little ways to keep them engaged. You kept all of the terminology on their level, and the teachers were totally thrilled with your presentation!"

Penelope Fratelli-Brunette - Headshot Adventurer

Penelope Scarlett Fratelli-Brunette

Chief Imaginational Adventurer

Penelope is widely regarded as one of the best balloon artists in the country, and is highly sought after for her one of a kind balloons. Her larger than life art has been featured at the biggest fairs in the country, including the Iowa, Tulsa, North Carolina, New Mexico and Colorado State Fairs, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, and the San Diego County Fair.


Penelope is also a talented magician who has performed at hundreds of schools and libraries. Over nearly two decades of performance, she has performed in nearly every state in the USA, and her “Magic of Healthy Eating” and “Magic of Reading” shows toured across England.


Peter Brunette - Chief Educational Adventurer

Peter Brunette

Chief Educational Adventurer

Peter has devoted his life to educating and entertaining children and adults. He ran the “Zoo 2 You” at the world renowned Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, building it from scratch into an award winning, internationally known phenomenon which reached tens of thousands of people every year. In February, 2020, he wrote and presented the show “Buzzing About Bugs” at the Holland Center for the Arts with the Omaha Symphony. Peter has a degree in Biology, and began his career as a science teacher with Teach for America at Crenshaw High School in Los Angles.


Peter is also an award winning juggler who has been performing since the age of 14. His comedy juggling shows are highly sought after by fairs, festivals, and corporate clients including LinkedIn, The American Cancer Society, and Berkshire Hathaway.


All About the Show

This show is serioulsy fun and silly! Nebraska Kansas Missour and Iowa Libraries and Schools LOVE our animals.

This original show is like nothing your audience has seen before! During the show we encounter animals from all around the world, and in the process teach kids about their habitats, adaptations, and superpowers! Our unique balloons highlight the amazing adaptations of your group's favorite animals, like the long arms of a monkey, the middle finger of the aye-aye, and the fangs of a tarantula.


Animal Adventures is a show that kids don't just watch, they participate in it . Everyone will be be out of their seat dancing and acting like animals, making animal sounds, and playing games. More than just a show, this is an interactive experience!


When one of our Adventurers arrives at your library, school or stage, you can be certain that kids will leave inspired to love the earth, help save animals, and be responsible citizens. Our educational messages align with the Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards for Science (NCCRS-S) and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We have a particular emphasis on structure and function, animal babies, habitats, and adaptations.


Balloon Animal Adventures is BRAND NEW and the first animal show of its kind! it is the culmination of decades of experience from two of Nebraska’s best and most respected entertainers. Peter and Penelope believe this is one of the best projects they have ever created and aspire to educate every child in the Midwest through this unique show.


We are highly flexible and comply with all coronavirus regulations and restrictions.

Balloon Animal Adventures Fun Kids Logo on a Black Brick Backgrounds


We are currently booking shows for the 2022-2023 School year and for Summer Reading Programs in 2023. 

Contact us today for more information and to schedule a show!

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Peter: 402-906-5823 • Penelope 402-960-9679

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I heard that balloons are bad for the environment, is that true?

  • That is a common myth. It based on the belief that balloons are made of plastic, and confuses large scale balloon releases with the balloons themselves.
  • Littering anything is bad for the earth. This is why we recommend you NEVER release your balloons into the air, and always dispose of balloon waste properly.
  • Our balloons are NOT made of plastic or fossil fuels. Instead they are made of natural latex, harvested from trees.
  • Natural latex balloons are biodegradable, and can even be composted in a commercial composting facility!

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