All Ages

Kathy Sullivan - Our Favorite Adventurer - Fact Sheet

Our Favorite Adventurer is Kathy Sullivan. Learn about her incredible life, as the only person to both walk in space, and reach the deepest part of the ocean.

We are so inspired by Kathy Sullivan that we named our Angler Fish "Kathy" in her honor. "Kathy" is our only animal named after a living person.

Grades 3 - 6

Ant Adaptations

How many adaptations can you find? Use the picture of Antoinette and the word bank to identify adaptations.

Bonus: Is this picture a balloon creation or a real ant?

Pre K - 2nd Grade

Green Sea Turtle Connect the Dots

Follow the alphabet to connect the dots and reveal a Green Sea Turtle.

Then color in the turtle to complete your drawing.

Grades 2 - Adult

Giant Squid Coloring Page

Ready for a challenging connect the dots?

Connect the dots to create the outline of the giant squid, then use your imagination to complete the drawing.


Grades 2 - Adult

Habitats Word Search

A habitat is a place where an animal lives, and provides it with food, water, shelter and space.

Can you find all of the hidden habitat words? Don't forget to look diagonally, and even backwards!

All Ages

Micky the Monkey Coloring Page

Children and Adults alike can have fun coloring our friend Micky the Monkey.

We love it when you send us pictures of your finished drawings!

All Ages

Antoinette The Ant Coloring Page

Have fun coloring in our friend Antoinette the Ant. Add as much detail and as many different colors as you can think of.

We love it when you send us pictures of your finished drawings!